In addition, you should be thinking about public relations. In today’s world, doing PR the old way is no longer effective. Make sure your... Why traditional PR doesn’t work anymore

As we enter the home stretch to close out 2017, your company is probably preparing for the changes that 2018 may bring for health care, taxes and other regulations.

In addition, you should be thinking about public relations.

In today’s world, doing PR the old way is no longer effective. Make sure your PR is on par with 2018 and its standards.

 What is PR?

At its core, public relations is a way for companies and brands to build mutually- beneficial relationships with their audiences and customers. With rapidly-evolving technology and the current 24-hour news cycle, traditional PR isn’t cutting it anymore in giving companies what they need to build their brand.

 As companies seek to build their brands, they want good business people who specialize in public relations. Business acumen is critical to being a good partner. If your PR firm’s efforts aren’t supporting an overarching business objective, they won’t bring value and can’t sustain themselves.

To that end, traditional PR still has a place; it’s simply changing, and it’s important for companies to recognize that traditional PR, alone, doesn’t work anymore. So, what’s next?

 What you can do

As a company executive, now is the time to review your company’s recent PR efforts. Verify that your company is partnering with a PR firm that recognizes the transformation of PR. Does it incorporate cutting-edge technology and revolutionary tactics such as inbound marketing?

Be sure you’re ahead of the curve — and your competitors — as technology advances and the media changes. Find a firm that embraces new PR while still incorporating the tried-and-true methods that remain effective.

Relationships are the linchpin of successful PR. The relationships your company builds — with journalists and with your audiences — are as critical today as they’ve ever been. The way you connect with those audiences is changing.

Are you engaging with your audiences in a way that fosters brand loyalty? Is your PR firm giving journalists great stories about your company that they want to publish? Is it managing and protecting your online reputation?

Move beyond traditional PR

While the heart of PR endures, the tactics and strategies are evolving. It’s essential to welcome these changes and be flexible in the way you share and communicate.

Looking ahead to the new year, here’s a list of 18 ways PR has changed for 2018. It’s information that can help you arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to build your company’s success in the new year and beyond.




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