Brooke S. Nuwati is a Senior Officer, Internal Communications & Engagement Organization: Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Daily PR Africa caught up with Brooke on her... Living It: Spotlight on PR Woman Brooke S. Nuwati

Brooke S. Nuwati is a Senior Officer, Internal Communications & Engagement

Organization: Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)

Daily PR Africa caught up with Brooke on her journey through being the PR Woman she is now.

Describe your job in one sentence.

I’m a Corporate Communications professional, currently employed at GNPC, where I manage internal communications ensuring that employees and all internal customers are kept updated and engaged, while staying aligned with the corporation’s business strategy.

How did you get into Public Relations/communications; how long have you been in PR?

I have always been a communications person with very good interpersonal skills. This naturally inclined me towards PR. Also, I had people pointing out to me how well they thought I would do in the field. It wasn’t difficult to opt for a masters degree in Communications Studies where I specialized in PR and Advertising. I saw myself straight into the field when I got the opportunity to work for Global Media Alliance (GMA), one of the leading PR companies in Ghana, thanks to Mr. Edward Boateng. My interest in PR soared during my days at GMA. I got to better appreciate the opportunities therein and how I can position myself as an icon. For close to nine years today, I look back with joy and satisfaction.

What is your interest/specialization in PR?

I have had the opportunity to work in different roles in PR. Media relations, Corporate Communications, Events etc. I find internal communications particularly thrilling. Being a fairly new area of PR especially in our parts of the world, there’s so much to explore and innovate which makes it very exciting. There’s always something new to experiment. You are always learning and unlearning. As an internal engagement professional, you are a valuable asset to your organisation and you play a key role as a liaison between management and employees. Your role is important in ensuring that employees are well informed and are aligned with your organisation’s business strategy which is important for organizational development and performance.

What is a regular day for you as a PR Person?

After setting off from home, it’s me and my radio for about an hour. This is when I get to scan through the channels just to get updated with the big issues in the media. Once at work, I get into the frenzy – meetings, presentations, phone calls, etc. From time to time, I step out for stakeholder engagement activities.

Otherwise, I’m coordinating one event or the other in the office. During the day especially at lunch time, I spend some time on social media just to get a heads up on what’s trending. My journey back home is another opportunity to catch up with my companion – the radio. I learn about the topical issues and look out for news about my organisation. Yes, I always keep my eyes peeled for information. You can call it media monitoring. Hahaha.

How do you think PR can help change how brands are perceived?

Brands are built on image and PR is all about image building. A brand is as good as its image. From packaging to highlighting the benefits of the brand, PR is a key driver in generating the right perception. When PR is blended well into marketing and sales, the result is a solid brand. Let’s say PR brings it all together – the USP of a brand, benefits and the key messages driving perception. PR is also the link between the brand and its customers. PR is very critical in building a good image for the brand.

What kinds of challenges do you face in your Public Relations career choice?

Working directly and constantly with people means a lot of disagreements and clash of opinions on a regular basis. Internal Communications being a new field, I have to constantly offer and communicate value. People are yet to appreciate the huge benefits that internal communications brings to the table as far as organizational development is concerned. Any time there’s the need for budget cuts, Internal Comms is the first place to turn to. The pressure to stay relevant is incredibly challenging, I must say.

Are you living your PR dream? If you were not into PR what would have been your next career choice?

Absolutely! I’m living my dream. PR gives you a great platform to learn and network. I have met so many people through my work as a PR person. The exposure is amazing. New trends everyday and so there’s never a dull moment in PR. Professionals all over the world share their challenges and success stories through various channels and platforms and you can only learn so much to sharpen your skills and to improve. If I wasn’t practicing PR, I’d be into interior decoration or fashion designing. My friends describe me as creative and fashionable. I enjoy putting things together and giving them a touch of style.

As a PR Professional, what can’t you live without……?

My mobile phone I guess. I do basically everything on my phone. It’s my organiser and planner; it’s my alarm clock; it’s my library; it’s my networking and connecting tool. In fact, living without my phone is next to impossible. This handy device keeps me constantly in touch and on the go.

Do you feel pressured to dress well for the job?

Not at all. The rule is to keep it simple, smart and trendy. I try to keep it balanced – not too corporate and not too casual. And like they say, dress up and show up, I always ensure that I’m ready when I’m called. Whenever it is, I’m ready to meet the president or go on a media tour. And don’t forget I’m a fashion enthusiast. Hahaha.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Facebook. It’s a huge platform and very simple to use. It’s instant and user-friendly. The opportunities to be explored for networking and business are endless. I started a professional network for youth development (Dream Believe Achieve/DBA), purely from Facebook. I recruit mentors, solicit for funds and support and reach out to many young people through Facebook. I’m also beginning to enjoy Instagram and Twitter.

Any advice to young ladies especially African women who may want to pursue a career in PR or any communications related profession?

The opportunities in PR are infinite and there are new areas to be explored. The best PR people are people who are well-read. Read. Read. Read. Beyond that, build your network and be ready to learn. With a slice of passion and hunger for knowledge, the sky is your starting point.

Brooke can be contacted on the following social media pages via

Facebook: Brooke Nsroma Nuwati

Linkedin : Brooke Nuwati

Instagram: Nsroma

Twitter: @BrookeNuwati

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    February 15, 2017 #1 Author

    Congratulations sobolo…
    PR means telling the truth and working ethically. Public relations fails when there is no integrity. And i believe Ms Brooke is aware…


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