PR Professionals urge to invest in shaping their own image
Fashion Public Relations Specialist, Ms. Faith Senam Ocloo, has called on fellow PR professionals to focus on shaping their own image while they shape that of their organizations and clients. She made this known when she took her turn to host #PRChatAfrica weekly PR Chat on Twitter on the... Read more
How to Boost Your Digital Marketing With PR-Strategies to drive new business should complement not replace one other because they drive growth symbiotically
Recently, I listened to the CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation tell me about his company’s profit and loss; and I realized that he considered marketing, sales and PR — all of it — as a single line item. In this man’s mind, anything driving new business belonged in just one... Read more
Traditional PR vs. Digital PR: What You Need to Know
Public Relations According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), public relations is defined as a strategic communications process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. An “organization” can be can anything from a brand, company, or an individual. There are two forms of public... Read more
How Social Media Spices up Traditional Public Relations
For decades, “coverage” was public relations’ raison d’être. Brands published press releases and built relationships with big media institutions, all in effort to have their news appear in widely syndicated publications. Those tactics are still valuable, but PR is changing. As audiences increasingly gravitate toward social media, people are... Read more
New Social Media Roles Render Advertising and Public Relations Education Incomplete
In light of the increasing new role of social media in building brand images, traditional education for advertising and journalism students may no longer suffice. New market challenges continually prove too difficult, based on the limitations of classroom learning. Can educators teach students how to bring different disciplines into... Read more
Digital Public Relations in Africa: Kenya ahead…
Digital public relations (PR) is slowly taking shape in Africa, but Kenya has been quick to embrace the introduction of new media.  For a long time, the focus of PR was on churning out press release after press release to traditional media.  But this trend is changing towards digital... Read more