APRA to hold 29th Annual Conference in Morocco

The 29th edition of the annual African Public Relations Association (APRA) conference themed “Competitive Africa: Effective Positioning through Integrated Communications” is set to hold in Casablanca, Morocco from the 10th to 12th May, 2017. The Annual Conference which attracts professionals in advertising, brand management, broadcast journalism, publishing, film-making, print journalism,…

Brands should engage with new media, communications disciplines
In 2015, media statistics show that in South Africa, Europe and the US, more advertising was spent on television, but some of the biggest spenders in the US and the UK were Facebook and Google. What this tells you is that we are now firmly split into two fundamental... Read more
Celebrating the passion of communications
The Prism Awards entries this year show the high calibre of work that the South African Public Relations (PR) sector delivers, making it a world-class industry.” That was the message from the judges last night at the annual Prism Awards. The Awards, which reward excellence in PR and are... Read more
Publicis Groupe Partners with the Troyka Group in Africa. Including some of Nigeria’s most awarded creative, media and PR agencies
Pulicis Groupe (Paris:PUB) announces an equity partnership with the communications arm of The Troyka Group, the first wholly integrated marketing communications service provider in West Africa, including a total of 6 agencies: Insight Communications, The Thinkshop, All Seasons Media, Media Perspectives, The Quadrant Company,... Read more
Content Marketing and the Devolution of Public Relations
The failure of the old business model for journalism in the digital age has changed the media forever.  With the emergence of free content online, subscriptions for print media have declined significantly, and advertising rates have fallen consistently for years. Banner ads haven’t come close making up for those lost... Read more
Time to rethink theories of international relations from Asian and African perspective
It was in Bandung that the first Asian-African Conference was held in April 1955. The conference adopted the famous 10 points of “declaration of promotion of world peace and cooperation”, and showed the existence of Asian and African states in the field of international relations at the time. Now... Read more