APRA to hold 29th Annual Conference in Morocco

The 29th edition of the annual African Public Relations Association (APRA) conference themed “Competitive Africa: Effective Positioning through Integrated Communications” is set to hold in Casablanca, Morocco from the 10th to 12th May, 2017. The Annual Conference which attracts professionals in advertising, brand management, broadcast journalism, publishing, film-making, print journalism,…

PR: The Evolution Of 'Spin'
PR sometimes gets a bad rap for being a spin cycle. I like to look at it a different way. Public relations, like all communications disciplines, has been marked by standards, strategies and tactics that roll along and change over time. Sometimes they even spin full circle, taking us... Read more
If You’re a Startup CEO Who Knows Nothing About Public Relations, Read This
Mr. Startup CEO, have you talked to the press before? Have you called a journalist and demanded they write a story about your company? Did panic grip your soul as you sputtered out your startup’s pitch? What exactly about your tiring, thirty minute pitch makes your business (a) unequaled (b) unique... Read more
5 Top Digital Tools For Corporate Communication Executive In Africa
We live in an age where the sharing and exchange of information seems to happen faster than the speed of light and for African executives in the public relations and communication industries this has had a direct impact on the way we do our work. This is especially the... Read more
Ogilvy Ghana Appoints Akua Brayie Owusu-Nartey as New MD
“Akua epitomizes the type of integrated marketing leader we need to continue to drive our expansion within Africa and within Ogilvy Worldwide. Ogilvy Ghana will not only benefit from her diverse skills, but also from the vast experience she will bring to bear on its business activities in Ghana.”Nadja Bellan-White,... Read more
World PR Forum Selects South African Communication Consultant
The World PR Forum has selected South African communication consultant, Daniel Munslow, to speak at the 2016 World Public Relations Forum in Toronto, Canada. Munslow, a principal consultant with VMA Group Global, will address this year’s theme ‘Communication Across Cultures’ with his topic ‘Insights: A study of Africa Communication... Read more
Public relations agencies are dominated by women. So why are all their leaders men?
If you’ve ever worked with a public relations professional, chances are she was a woman. Sure, there are plenty of men in the industry, but for the most part it’s a profession dominated by women. In fact, PR is an industry that is inclusive of women at every level—except... Read more
“Have you ever lied to the media or to any other stakeholder to protect your organization?”
“Have you ever lied to the media or to any other stakeholder to protect your organization?” “Why did you have to lie?” “Would you ever lie again?” “Would you mind leaving your job if you had to lie?” With these four questions, Mawuko Afadzinu, Vice-President of the Institute of... Read more
Why More Organizations Need To Incorporate PR Into Their Overall Business Strategy
Public relations is a valuable tool every organization should utilize to some extent. Unfortunately, it’s also a tool often undervalued by many for one reason or another. For an organization climbing to the top of their industry and becoming widely recognized by the public, undervaluing the power of PR... Read more